Jan. 17th, 2016

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Here is a collection of my Dollhouse ficlets that I hadn't gotten around to linking yet, as appearing on AO3 as far back as last July, and as recently as two days ago.

Also, I'd say I was sorry that it's almost always Victor and Sierra time over here, but I'd be lying.

Title: Clipped Wings
Characters: Sierra, Victor, Joe Hearn
Summary: Sierra and Victor meet for the first time, as far as they know.
Words: 215
Notes: In case it isn't evident in the text, this takes place at some point during the first two or three episodes of the first season.

Title: Careful Connections
Characters: Sierra, Echo, Victor
Summary: Echo is both happy and worried that Sierra and Victor have found each other.
Words: 184
Notes: This was written for [livejournal.com profile] 12_12_12, and takes place directly after 2.04, "Belonging."

Title: A Long Time Waiting
Characters: Victor, Adelle DeWitt
Summary: Adelle probably can't erase Victor's longing for Sierra, and perhaps she shouldn't try.
Words: 273
Notes: This is a missing scene from 2.04, "Belonging."

Title: Empty Vessels
Characters: Claire Saunders, Victor, Topher Brink
Summary: Victor wakes up from a "treatment," and Claire is reminded of how little the Dolls understand.
Words: 215
Notes: This is a missing scene from 2.11, "Briar Rose."

Title: Not Quite Yourself
Characters: Topher 2.0, Sierra
Summary: "For now, you’re the only Topher this house has, and you have a job to do."
Words: 280
Notes: This is a missing scene from 2.06, "The Left Hand."


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