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For those of you who believe in such things, happy Valentine's Day!

This story was originally the result of a conversation betwen Sarah and me -- she knows my characters even better than I do, and somehow we got into a discussion of what would happen if Larry and Angelina met up again. It seemed to have more potential than previous speculations about the way things could have gone.

I warn all interested parties of language, angst, and slight confusion if you haven’t read the Wallglass Saga. I think it can be read either as a supplement or a slice of life, and isn’t even particularly timeline-specific (which is why I’m not posting it on FF.Net). Regardless, I don't own any characters or themes from the X-Men mythos.

All the series that can be found there are set in a sort of altered (if not necessarily alternate) version of the Evolution universe, but this is the Larry I want to see in the movieverse somewhere down the line, Hellfire connections and all. That was Vagabond Sal’s idea (and I refuse to let him forget it, because it’s just too good), just as David contributed the Destiny idea. Many thanks to you both, my fandom knights in shining armor. And an uber-special “HI!” to Sandoz.;)


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