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The crossover in question, ladies and gentlemen and others.

Fandoms: Jekyll and The Sandman
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Words: c. 1,165
Summary: As he tries to hold onto his sanity, Tom encounters a mysterious visitor who is madness personified.
Notes: This takes place during the third episode. As ever, I must thank [ profile] timesrunning for helping me develop this idea, looking at the first draft, and being my enabler, sounding board, and partner in mayhem for all things Jekyll. Love you.

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"Territory." Jekyll/Gargoyles, 400 words. For [ profile] showvillain, who asked for a meeting between Hyde and Leo.

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Fandoms: Jekyll and Harry Potter
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Words: c. 2,580
Summary: The Jackman twins have been accepted at a school for wizards, and both they and their parents must face the unanswered questions of the past and prepare for an unpredictable future.
Warning: Some spoilers.
Notes: I wrote this for the (Hopefully) Great Jekyll Fic Prompt Meme, in response to a prompt from [ profile] showvillain. Infinite thanks are owed to [ profile] timesrunning, who was, as always, a great first reader and sounding board.

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Fandom: Jekyll
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Words: c. 600
Summary: "Tonight, more than ever, Hyde can be himself."
Notes: I wrote this for the (Hopefully) Great Jekyll Fic Prompt Meme, based on a prompt from [ profile] wickedfox. I don't know how much fic I'll be writing this fall, but I wanted to at least contribute something.

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My fellow Jekyll fans may be interested to know that [ profile] showvillain is running a fic meme HERE.

All ratings, formats, genres, etc. are welcome, including crossovers.

I cannot predict how much I'll be able to participate, given that I'm starting school this week (meep!), but some of the prompts in the thread look spiffy, and the rest of you should go and check it out!
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Fandoms: Jekyll and Angel: The Series
Pairing: Drusilla/Hyde
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Words: c. 1,115
Summary: Always looking for something new and different, Hyde makes a new friend with warnings and promises of the future.
Warning: Sexual references and violent imagery, as one would expect.

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I am not terribly fond of Goliath/Elisa. I am fine with Goliath on his own, I really like Elisa on her own, and I loved their friendship, but I kind of wish that the subtext hadn't become text.

However, as is probably obvious by now, I do like many things about this show, including the intricate story lines, well-executed action scenes, a whole batch of awesome characters, and the way that the series uses mythology. (The world tour that took up most of Season 2 may have had its problems, but I really appreciated how it not only included but respected non-European myths and folktales.) However, my absolute favorite element of the story has to be the entire extended Xanatos family, including spoilery character identities ), and their completely believable arc. I may have some related fic kicking about in my head.


Belated rec is belated, but I remain very pleased to see more fic in this fandom! To Be King is a fabulous Hyde's-eye view of the world, set early in the series.

On a somewhat related note, if you are at all interested in the phenomenon of teen paranormal romance (even if your interest extends only as far as extreme mockery, which is completely understandable, as some of it is extremely mockable), you should go have a look at this article: Sexy Teenaged Werewolves in Love. It starts by examining the recent MTV remake/spinoff of a 1980s werewolf movie (neither of which I've seen), and diverts into some of the trends in YA supernatural romance and how they could be applied to non-lycanthropic, non-bloodsucking movie monsters. Hilarious, clever, and also... potentially inspiring? (And, yes, it really is somewhat related. Read through to the end.)


[ profile] xmenbigbang.

...Tell me that this is a bad idea?

Misc. Writing

That aside, I am leaning heavily toward doing Camp NaNoWriMo in August rather than July, though this Friday may bring a surprise burst of inspiration.
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Fandom: Jekyll
Pairing: Claire/Tom
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Words: c. 1,485
Summary: Five things that Tom has learned about Claire.
Notes: This takes place before the series begins, and contains no real spoilers, although it makes a bit more sense if you've seen the entire show. Also, I promise that I will someday actually write about the third part of this bizarre love triangle instead of letting him hover about in the background, but today is not that day.

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Fandoms: Jekyll and The Middleman
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine, and I don't profit from their use.
Summary: When a familiar display of superhuman abilities catches Miranda's eye, she must decide whether to leave retirement.
Words: c. 1,460.
Written for: [ profile] showvillain, who asked for Miranda and Roxy.
Notes: This takes place after the main action of Jekyll, but before the coda scene, and contains vague spoilers.

Wolves at the Door )
nevanna: ([Jekyll] Tom and Claire) place of actual content.

Of the various and sundry ideas for Jekyll fanfiction that I've had so far, a good number of them have been crossovers, which, if you know me, should not be a surprise. Here are a few that I've considered.

No spoilers beyond 'this character exists', but I'm cutting anyway. )

...y'know, I should probably get with the actual writing of some of these ideas, instead of just talking about them, yeah?
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Fandom: Jekyll
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the BBC.
Words: 525
Summary: ...While he may only have the physical abilities of an ordinary human being, Tom still has access to all of Hyde's memories.
Warnings: Some violent imagery; spoilers for the entire series.
Notes: Reposted (in slightly altered form) from the Macabre March Madness comment meme, in response to this prompt. Also, I apologize for the resoundingly unoriginal title, though it does recall a pretty awesome moment from the show itself.

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Fandoms: Scott Pilgrim and Jekyll
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.
Summary: Wallace's sense of adventure does not prevent a sense of self-preservation.
Words: c. 455
Written for: [ profile] timesrunning, who asked for Wallace and Miranda.

Persons of Interest )
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Fandoms: Jekyll and Angel: The Series
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.
Summary: "We’ll even offer a few tips, if you like. Professional courtesy.”
Words: c. 545
Written for: [ profile] bookelfe, who asked for Miranda and Wesley.
Notes: This takes place during the fifth season of Angel, and a few years before the events of Jekyll, and is another encounter on which I plan to expand in the future.

The Same World, But Different )
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Fandom: Jekyll
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the BBC.
Summary: Tom Jackman adapts to his new circumstances.
Words: c. 1685
Warnings: Some innuendo, but nothing worse than one would expect from Hyde.
Notes: This is set before and during the first episode. Special thanks, once again, to [ profile] timesrunning for being my first reader. This story has gone through many edits, and one premature posting, since then, and I hope you are all pleased with the results.

A Matter of Time )
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So. Jekyll/Middleman crossover, anybody?

Reasons why this must happen:
1. The Middleman loves to play off of iconic popular myths, and both shows are about, among other things, fighting the monsters that some less savvy people believe are "just" stories.
2. Conspiracies and mad science? How could MM and Wendy resist?
3. It allows for the following line (courtesy of [ profile] timesrunning): "Sweet bisected personalities, Dubbie!"
4. The Middleman needs to be crossed over with everything ever. Much like Utena. (How would a Jekyll/Utena crossover even work? If nothing else, I can imagine Mikage being interested in... no, away with thee, bunnies!)

...I also promise that I have not forgotten about the rest of my BDCP requests. The upcoming one has been giving me some trouble, but I think at least that I know where to start. Patience, my lovelies.
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Fandom: Jekyll
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the BBC. Title is stolen from Vienna Teng.
Summary: The first six months of the rest of Claire's life.
Words: c. 1,655
Pairing: Claire/Tom
Warnings: Non-graphic sexual references; spoilers for the entire series.

Write Our Own Ending )
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Short version: oh, HELL, yeah!

Longer version, disjointed and spoilery, behind the cut.

The truth is just a tale told often enough. )

Why, yes, I'm plotting fic. Why do you ask?
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Much briefer this time, though not due to lack of interest. A lot of things happened in this episode, after all.

It's the night shift. )
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Reactions, speculation, and spoilers beneath the cut.

I've just taken a phone call from my own id. )


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