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Fandoms: Gargoyles and Magic Ex Libris
Characters: Elisa and Nidhi
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Summary: Elisa meets a teenage girl who somehow doesn't fear the strangeness of the world.
Words: c. 225
Written For: [ profile] beccadg, as part of Represent Fest.
Notes: Takes place many years before the events of Libriomancer.

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Texting with a friend before I left for work yesterday:

Her: "Try not to hit people with books."
Me: "But books make such wonderful weapons!"
Her: "They do. But should be respected and should not be used as weapons unless absolutely necessary."


No, she hasn't read Libriomancer. Yet. Speaking of which, did anyone else read the sequel? I did (of course), and it was fairly awesome (of course). Longer thoughts to follow. :D
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My manager is currently considering a "staff recommendations" feature at our store. I told Elle about this, and added that "now I know what true power feels like."

She texted back, "I trust that you will use your powers for good and the popularization of Libriomancer."


...Yeah, more or less.
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1. Yesterday, I saw a magazine cover advertising a flirting tip that would (supposedly) work on "anybody with a pulse." My immediate response? "But what if you want to flirt with vampires? They don't have pulses!"

2. I also found out that the intramural sports team at the University of North Carolina, where one of my co-workers went to library school, is called the Dewey Decimators. I'm not sure what's dorkier: the name itself or how hard I laughed at it.

3. Speaking of libraries (and dorkiness), Jim C. Hines has posted the first chapter of Codex Born, the second in the Magic Ex Libris series! You can find the links here. If you've been hanging out with me and/or reading this journal for the past few months, I don't need to tell you how ridiculously happy this makes me.
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As quite a few people have already gathered, one of my favorite reads of 2012 was Jim C. Hines’ Libriomancer. I’d really enjoyed Hines’ The Stepsister Scheme and its sequels (fairy-tale retellings in which a trio of princesses kick ass and take names – go read them!) and was excited to read his first urban fantasy outing, especially once I found out about the premise. Libriomancy is the ability to reach into a book and create objects both mundane and magical from its pages, which I am willing to wager most readers – especially of speculative fiction – have wanted to do at some point or another. When the story begins, our protagonist, Isaac Vainio, has been working as a small-town librarian after his reckless and disastrous use of libriomancy got him kicked out of a secret organization that regulates magical activity around the world. However, an unexpected attack on his library throws him back into action, and soon he and his dryad companion Lena (accompanied by a fire-spider named Smudge) are racing to stop a supernatural war and unravel the secrets of the magic that has shaped their lives.

I read this one back in September, and meant to write up my complete thoughts, but was diverted by schoolwork, and then by the holidays and a post-semester writing slump. This did not stop me from brandishing my copy at my friends and exclaiming, “This book is awesome! The characters are great! The magic system is great! The relationships are great! It’s funny and exciting and full of geeky references! Our heroes beat up a bunch of sparkly vampires in the first chapter!”

All of these things are true. And, to give a slight disclaimer, there are many ways - some obvious, some less so - in which this book was a deeply subjective experience for me. Nevertheless, here are some specific thoughts that I've managed to formulate after re-reading. I’ve tried to keep them free of crucial spoilers, beyond “here’s what’s going on with this character.”

To quote the author himself: 'First, books are magical. And second, magic is awesome.' )

Book Squee

Sep. 11th, 2012 09:20 am
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Just finished reading Libriomancer, Jim C. Hines' newest book.


Possibly longer thoughts to follow.

I can has Isaac sequel, please?


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