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Fandoms: Gargoyles and The Middleman
Characters: Elisa and Sensei Ping
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Summary: Elisa has learned to anticipate the unexpected, especially after dark.
Words: 165
Written For: Krummavisur, as part of Represent Fest.

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Fandoms: Doctor Who and The Middleman
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Summary: “Are you wondering about our organization’s long-standing and thus far unmentioned alliance with a time-traveling extraterrestrial being from a forgotten planet?”
Words: 615
Written for: [ profile] john_in_boston
Notes: This fic originally had a much more Middleman-style title, but I'm keeping it in reserve in case I want to write a longer remix.

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Fandoms: Jekyll and The Middleman
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine, and I don't profit from their use.
Summary: When a familiar display of superhuman abilities catches Miranda's eye, she must decide whether to leave retirement.
Words: c. 1,460.
Written for: [ profile] showvillain, who asked for Miranda and Roxy.
Notes: This takes place after the main action of Jekyll, but before the coda scene, and contains vague spoilers.

Wolves at the Door )
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So. Jekyll/Middleman crossover, anybody?

Reasons why this must happen:
1. The Middleman loves to play off of iconic popular myths, and both shows are about, among other things, fighting the monsters that some less savvy people believe are "just" stories.
2. Conspiracies and mad science? How could MM and Wendy resist?
3. It allows for the following line (courtesy of [ profile] timesrunning): "Sweet bisected personalities, Dubbie!"
4. The Middleman needs to be crossed over with everything ever. Much like Utena. (How would a Jekyll/Utena crossover even work? If nothing else, I can imagine Mikage being interested in... no, away with thee, bunnies!)

...I also promise that I have not forgotten about the rest of my BDCP requests. The upcoming one has been giving me some trouble, but I think at least that I know where to start. Patience, my lovelies.
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Title: Family
Fandom: The Middleman
Characters: Lacey, mentions of others.

The problem with being a confrontational spoken-word performance artist whose mother has just stood her up on her birthday is that you can't exactly channel your rage onto a blank canvas.

Lacey could don a Hefty bag, stand up in front of her party guests, and channel her parent issues into a rant about American society's wasteful and neglectful treatment of its precious resources; the crowd would clap politely, but it would turn down the fun by several decibels, and there's no reason that she should punish them because Dr. Barbara Thornfield, MD, PhD, left an apologetic message with her assistant's assistant.

Instead, she buttons the dress that she found in the Bennington free box after graduation two years ago, brushes her hair, and climbs down from the loft to be twirled in a circle by Wendy, to admire the paper chains made from old newspapers and magazines, and to let Noser - and his guitar - inside. There was never any reason to punish these people for being her family.


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Title: Quiet
Fandom: The Middleman
Characters: Wendy, MM, Ida

"'Morning, Ida," Wendy calls as she passes by the front desk with a paper cup in each hand.

Behind her, she hears Ida grumble, "And here I was just getting used to the quiet, too."

"Never get used to the quiet," their boss chides, accepting the cup of milk. "If the world is running too smoothly for too long, the chances are very good that a mad scientist is busy perfecting his army of psychic robots that learn to anticipate your every more the longer you remain in combat, and only have one goal: to replace humanity and turn us all into workhorses for the rest of our short and miserable lives."

Wendy raises an eyebrow. "So, what, are you figuring that now that you've given that scenario, we won't be fighting that particular menace today?"

"One can only hope."

"So, what are we fighting?"

The Middleman frowns. "I don't know yet. Whatever it is, it's left a most peculiar calling card on its latest victim's remains: a recipe for squash casserole that smells intensely of paprika."

"What smells intensely of paprika? The recipe, the casserole, or - I can't believe I'm even asking this - the remains?"

"The recipe, Dubbie."

"Did you keep it?"

"Ida's going to analyze the paper for clues while we mosey over to the docks where the body was found. I don't want us to rule out the possibility that this could be the work of pirates - "

"Pirates?" Wendy repeats skeptically. "Not exactly our department."

"- from a dimension where cooking a casserole without precisely the correct ratio of condiments to vegetables is an offense punishable by death!"

"Wow," Wendy mutters as they head to the garage. "Remind me never to go on that world's version of Iron Chef." When quiet doesn't signal mad scientists or evil robotic plots, it usually just signals boredom, and only a cranky robot would revel in that, assuming that she's not being, well, Ida. As for Wendy herself, she'll take the other option, thanks.


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