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Title: Orders
Fandom: Heroes, pre-series
Characters: Various Bennets, Claude

As if she can tell what kind of day he's had, his wife has cooked his favorite dinner, and is wearing a subtle floral scent that he's missed more than he realized. Claire is sculpting her mashed potatoes into what look from this angle like lunar landscapes, and expounding on the plot of an animal storybook that her teacher read to the class earlier that afternoon, possibly at the same time that her father was driving along an isolated stretch of mountain road.

"... and then Ms. Fowler said that Jack broke the rules and had to take a time out..."

At the stop sign, he turned to ask his partner and friend for directions, and it took him a moment to realize that the seat was empty, because he had been under orders to investigate and neutralize a violation of security. A traitor. No matter that the two were one and the same; no matter that a week ago he would have believed the same thing about Claude that he still does of his family: that he could depend upon them to be a bastion of sanity against the madness that was slowly engulfing the world, and that he would stop at nothing to do the same for them.

Before Sandra called him in for dinner, he washed his hands for fifteen minutes, wondering which one of them is really the traitor, after all.

"How was your day, Noah?" she asks now.

Noah Bennet clears his throat. "We had a minor security issue at work, but I took care of it."


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Fandoms: Heroes/X-Men
Disclaimer: Marvel's and Tim Kring's, not mine.
Rating: PG/PG13 for slight language.
Summary: Things should be simpler for Claire now that she's met someone like her.
Words: c. 1300
Written for: [ profile] baffledking, who asked for Claire Bennet and Charles Xavier, with the quote "You said you read me like a book, but the pages all are torn and frayed." I did my best.
Notes: This takes place very shortly before Heroes Episode 1, "Genesis." I struggled for a little while with the fact that the X-Men exist as media in the Heroes-verse, but that's easily reconcilable due to the existence of the Ninth Wonders comic. Still, this version of Charles is slightly AU. And, yes, there's probably a story in how he and his students made it into the funnybooks in the first place.

Natural Steps )
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Fandoms: Firefly/Heroes
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon and Tim Kring.
Rating: PG
Summary: Serenity's stowaway of the week is not of this world.
Words: c. 1790
Written for: [ profile] timesrunning, who asked for Zoe and Hiro.
Notes: This takes place after the explosion in the "Five Years Gone" timeline and some time after Serenity-the-movie, and contains spoilers for both.

Five Hundred Years Gone )
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"Things Unseen." 750 words, PG, pre-series. For [ profile] sandoz_iscariot, who requested "Heroes! Something with MorallyGray!Bennet and maybe Claire."

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