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Fandoms: Gargoyles and Magic Ex Libris
Characters: Elisa and Nidhi
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Summary: Elisa meets a teenage girl who somehow doesn't fear the strangeness of the world.
Words: c. 225
Written For: [ profile] beccadg, as part of Represent Fest.
Notes: Takes place many years before the events of Libriomancer.

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Fandoms: Gargoyles and The Middleman
Characters: Elisa and Sensei Ping
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Summary: Elisa has learned to anticipate the unexpected, especially after dark.
Words: 165
Written For: Krummavisur, as part of Represent Fest.

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"Territory." Jekyll/Gargoyles, 400 words. For [ profile] showvillain, who asked for a meeting between Hyde and Leo.

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One of the characters in my current project is a major conspiracy nut, and one of his fellow conspiracy nuts calls himself "Bluestone" on the Internet.

I probably should not be amused by this as I am.
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The Camberville Cartoon Collective has finished watching Gargoyles. There were some things about the third season that really worked for me, and plenty of things that... really, really didn't. If I'm not careful, I may end up writing a big dorky post about both. (Not that I am ashamed of loving this show. I don't think, nor have I ever thought, that there's anything wrong with ostensible grown-ups like myself caring about media aimed at much younger audiences. If a story is good enough, and often enough, it transcends demographic boundaries. And the less-than-exceptional parts of it are still fun to mock.)

I have already committed fic (and am already second-guessing it; there are a couple of lines in particular that I think its narrator would know better than to say out loud, though I'm fairly proud of the story overall). I may end up committing more. If nothing else, given that in the Gargoyles universe, magic, mad science, gods, time travel, alternate realities, secret societies, and famous literary figures are all real, it's right up there with Doctor Who and The Sandman in terms of fictional worlds that are just begging for crossovers.

In conclusion (for now), I really enjoyed the ride and hope that whatever we decide to watch next is equally as awesome.

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Fandom: Gargoyles
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Words: c. 2,150
Summary: Owen knows that everyone is a collection of stories.
Warning: Spoilers up through "The Gathering."
Notes: [ profile] phoenix_rinna made a comment about Owen and his coping mechanisms in the aforementioned epsiode, and apparently fic happened. This one is for her.

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I am not terribly fond of Goliath/Elisa. I am fine with Goliath on his own, I really like Elisa on her own, and I loved their friendship, but I kind of wish that the subtext hadn't become text.

However, as is probably obvious by now, I do like many things about this show, including the intricate story lines, well-executed action scenes, a whole batch of awesome characters, and the way that the series uses mythology. (The world tour that took up most of Season 2 may have had its problems, but I really appreciated how it not only included but respected non-European myths and folktales.) However, my absolute favorite element of the story has to be the entire extended Xanatos family, including spoilery character identities ), and their completely believable arc. I may have some related fic kicking about in my head.


Belated rec is belated, but I remain very pleased to see more fic in this fandom! To Be King is a fabulous Hyde's-eye view of the world, set early in the series.

On a somewhat related note, if you are at all interested in the phenomenon of teen paranormal romance (even if your interest extends only as far as extreme mockery, which is completely understandable, as some of it is extremely mockable), you should go have a look at this article: Sexy Teenaged Werewolves in Love. It starts by examining the recent MTV remake/spinoff of a 1980s werewolf movie (neither of which I've seen), and diverts into some of the trends in YA supernatural romance and how they could be applied to non-lycanthropic, non-bloodsucking movie monsters. Hilarious, clever, and also... potentially inspiring? (And, yes, it really is somewhat related. Read through to the end.)


[ profile] xmenbigbang.

...Tell me that this is a bad idea?

Misc. Writing

That aside, I am leaning heavily toward doing Camp NaNoWriMo in August rather than July, though this Friday may bring a surprise burst of inspiration.
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Instead of using this space to flail about imminent unemployment (mine), possible housing complications (not mine, per se, though I am involved by proximity), and chewed-off fingernails (mine, as I wait to hear back from Simmons GSLIS), I am going to use it to express my appreciation for '90s cartoons - one, in particular.

There are many things that I want to say about Gargoyles, as we take a breather before starting the Avalon arc. I want to acknowledge the amazing amount of continuity and intertwining plots, how the series incorporates well-known myths and stories from new perspectives that read as fully organic and (mostly) not gratuitous, how so many of the female characters are strong and complex and appealing in different ways, how David Xanatos is a truly worthy and utterly delightful antagonist (and he and Fox are my new villainous OTP), how OWEN BURNETT MINIONS BETTER THAN YOU. I didn't watch this one when I was growing up, but I think I would have loved it then, too. Not every story line is a winner (and some of them have been quite silly), but the overall effect is a lasting reminder that just because a series is animated and aimed at a younger audience doesn't mean that it must appeal to the lowest common denominator.

One of the things that I like about the human heroine, Elisa, is that even as she is drawn into this fantastic world, her "real" life is no less important. She still has a job as a badass detective, and she still has a family whom she cares about and who cares about her. Spoilers have wings. And claws. And may or may not shoot lasers. )

If do continue to talk and/or write about this show, I will continue to cut and warn for spoilers. I know that might be a little bit silly, considering that the it is nearly two decades old, but there are a fair number of people, both on my friendslist and in my viewing group (whom I heart a whole lot, btw), who are as late to the party as I am, if not more so.

[The use of this icon, incidentally, is a giant inside joke, but is tangentially related.]


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