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I know that many, many, many fans have already made Sherlock jokes about the casting in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I was still amused by the email that my friend sent me after we saw the movie, and couldn't resist an addendum of my own.

snipped )

Just so we're clear, I am so not above using multiple characters played by the same actor as the basis for crossover fanfic, whether it's a one-line in-joke or a plot point.
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Fandoms: Sherlock and X-Men movieverse
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Summary: There’s “unusual,” and then there’s “science fiction,” and, until today, John would have placed “telepathic mutants who have hacked into my brain while we investigate the murder of another mutant” firmly in the latter category.
Words: c. 925
Written for: [ profile] hanasaseru, who asked for (as one option) Charles Xavier and John Watson.
Notes: Elle was my first reader and made sure that this piece made at least some amount of coherent sense, which I greatly appreciate.

*** )
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Random exchange from Writing Night:

Nomi: "Why is Tumblr so evil?"
Me: "Every Internet needs a good old-fashioned villain."
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"Watching You Dance." Sherlock, 325 words, slight Jim/Sherlock. Set during "The Great Game." Warning for some suggestive imagery. Written for a prompt on [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic.

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Aug. 17th, 2012 08:22 am
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I re-watched a bit of "The Reichenbach Fall" the other night, and I got actual chills when spoiler ).

I may need to post Moriarty meta at some point. And find or make a relevant icon. For now, Mikage will have to do. Not that I've considered a crossover in which those two meet, or anything. Um, is anybody on my f'list familiar with both Sherlock and Utena?
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"Lost and Found." Sherlock, 420 words, Sherlock and Molly gen. Written for a prompt on [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic.

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Aug. 3rd, 2012 11:02 pm
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"Dead and Buried." Sherlock, 280 words, Jim/Molly. Written for a prompt on [ profile] comment_fic.

Warning for some disturbing imagery, though it's not Jim's fault this time.

*** )
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A few of you have already heard about the Sherlock AU project that I've been plotting, on and off, since March, with significant contributions from [ profile] phoenix_rinna (in the early stages) and [ profile] collectively (more recently). It is essentially a fusion with "Jekyll and Hyde" in which Moriarty is literally Sherlock's evil alter ego, and periodically takes him over, complete with a physical transformation. At the moment, the project mostly exists in the form of several unconnected, out-of-order scenes and a handful of roleplay logs. At this point, I have no idea whether this will simply be a random crazy universe in which we play around just for fun without any regard for how it does or does not fit with canon, or whether I will be making an attempt to string the scenes together and figure out which events from the series I can and should incorporate. Right now, I'm just enjoying the ride.

Recently, I posted the following snippet to a WIP thread on one of the fan communities. It takes place at some point after the swimming pool incident - and, yes, I have a general idea for how that panned out in this version, though I haven't written it down yet. Anyway, Sherlock has chained himself up before he turns so that John and Moriarty can have a little chat.

I’ve been looking forward to becoming better acquainted with you. Sherlock and I don’t share many memories, but the ones I’ve seen are full of his little pet. )
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Yet another story from my backlog. Feedback is always appreciated, and, since I have to do ALL THE SCHOOLWORK over the next week or so, would be particularly cheering now, even if said feedback is merely a variation on "please to be taking your creepy Moriarty obsession elsewheres." Sometimes I say the same thing to myself, guys.

At any rate.

Fandoms: Sherlock and Doctor Who
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/The Master
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Summary: "I want to know how you came to be sitting where you are today. The truth behind the fairy tale that you’ve fed all of Britain.” Just another blackmail scheme turned dark alliance between evil geniuses.
Words: c. 1315
Notes: This was written for a prompt on [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic. Consider yourself warned for some sexually suggestive imagery.

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An alarming number of my stories lately can be summed up with, "And then Jim Moriarty was creepy, the end." This one is no exception.

"Nocturne." Sherlock, c. 545 words, some one-sided Jim/Sherlock (though you don't really have to squint much harder than you do at canon). Warning for non-consensual - though not explicitly sexual - touching. Written for a prompt on [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic.

*** )
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Fandoms: The Avengers (movieverse) and Sherlock
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and I do not profit from their use.
Summary: While hiding out in London, Bruce Banner finds an unlikely kindred spirit in an actor with some shadows of his own.
Words: c. 1055
Notes: This was written for a prompt on [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic. It takes place before The Avengers, and contains canon from the second series of Sherlock, so although there are no explicit spoilers, you'll probably want to have seen "The Reichenbach Fall" before reading.

*** )
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For a variety of complicated reasons, including but not limited to Jim Moriarty's newfound status as one of my "little black dresses" of fandom and crossovers in particular (meaning that I have way too much fun imagining how he'd interact with lots of different characters from lots of different universes), I am now imagining a team-up between him and Edward Cullen. Of course, Jim would be secretly planning to become the new evil overlord of vampire society despite not actually being undead, and training Bella as an awesome vampire assassin without Edward's knowledge. Which would be an infinitely cooler fate for her. (Maybe that's just just my weird brain talking, since I am well aware - oh boy, am I ever - that Moriarty is a manipulative, psychotic creepster, but at least both he and the narrative are also aware of that, and like him that way. And I don't know about you or Bella, but I'd much rather be his awesome vampire assassin than face an eternity of domestic life with Edward.)

I probably need to start a tag for "bad wrong crossover thoughts," don't I?
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A conversation about Jim Moriarty and Sebastian Moran, in response to Elle saying that she 'shipped Jim "with Sebastian AND nice suits."

Me: Seb/Jim/Westwood = OT3!
Elle: YES. I bet he has trouble getting Seb into suits. But not out of them.

The whole Sebastian Moran thing kind of fascinates me, actually. He's a character from the original Holmes stories who's never even appeared in the recent BBC series, and yet the idea of him as Moriarty's right-hand man (and possibly more, depending on your point of view) has so much potential - especially as a dark mirror of Holmes and Watson - that it is now accepted fanon.

Though I'm sure that it's happened in other fandoms, I think that the only other character I've ever seen fans incorporate into a series so unanimously, based entirely or almost entirely upon his presence in other versions of canon, was Gambit in X-Men: Evolution. And that didn't really take off until his very brief appearance in the second season finale, even though he wasn't named or given any lines until a few episodes later. I mean, fanwriters shamelessly adapting characters from the comics into the X-Men movie and cartoon universes is a long and mostly honorable tradition (god knows I've done it, too), but I feel like Gambit might have been the most popular case, at least in Evo.

Anyway. Nostalgic tangent over. The point is, while I can take or leave the idea of John and Sherlock as anything more than platonic friends and comrades-in-arms (that is, I'll read about them as a couple if it's well-written and in character, but I don't insist on it), I'm willing to fly my Jim/Sebastian "theirloveissoevil" flag for all to see.
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"Fort Holmes." Sherlock, 255 words, Sherlock and John gen. Written for a prompt on [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic.

*** )
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"Flash and Sparkle." Sherlock, 350 words, Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran. Set during "The Great Game." Warning for language, sexual innuendo, and vague spoilers for the episode.

Thanks to Elle for the idea and the "glam night" line.

*** )
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[ profile] phoenix_rinna and I have been brainstorming a possibly mad and gloriously evil Sherlock crossover/AU. It will probably be posted in snippets which may or may not be in chronological order.

Yes, I am one of Those Fans now.

I may be jinxing the whole operation by saying this, but it was a long time since I'd participated in a fangirl jam session that started with a vaguely outrageous premise and somehow gained potential for narrative substance. (I used to fall into them all the time, the most memorable of which started with, "So, hey, fellow fans of Death Note and reincarnation stories, what would happen if Yagami Light reincarnated as a perfectly decent person, and then remembered what he used to be?") I've missed it.
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I will get started on people's crossover prompts soon. In the meanwhile...

"The Good Son." Sherlock, 225 words, Mycroft gen. Set after Series 2, with spoilers.

*** )
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I am now caught up on Sherlock, and while, yes, episode 2.03 tore at my heart from the very first scene and I have many hearts for John and Molly in particular, I really wanted to talk for a minute about (this version of) Moriarty, who didn't really impress me in his introduction, but now?


I've never made it a secret that one of my favorite villains of all time, in any medium, is Ohtori Akio from Revolutionary Girl Utena - an anime series that, much like this particular episode of Sherlock, makes ample use of fairy tale tropes. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Akio is textually a Lucifer figure, manipulative and brilliant and selfish, willing to corrupt and destroy and seduce in order to get what he wants. And yet it's not just what he does to people that makes him a threat (though there's that, too). It's the things that he can convince people to do to themselves, and each other, by convincing them to believe the stories that he spins. Because he knows what both his victims and his adversaries want to believe, about him, about themselves and their place in the story, and can use that knowledge to nurture what is already in their heads and their hearts and to plant a few suggestions of his own, and -

Yeah, I get Moriarty now.
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I've finished watching the first series of Sherlock, and, yes, I like it. I can see why a lot of viewers find it problematic, and I can see why a lot of viewers enjoy it, and I can definitely see why plenty of viewers manage to do both. I'd like to comment on a couple of spoilery things before we continue.

And here they are. )

All of that said: I still love Jekyll more. Or, at least, I love it differently.

And speaking of which: This book exists. PUBLISHED CROSSOVER FIC: GO!
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I already told my housemates and [ profile] collectively about this, but on my way home last night, I spotted some graffiti at Park Street Station reading I BELIEVE IN SHERLOCK HOLMES.



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