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Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Fiddleford McGucket, Stanford Pines, Bill Cipher
Words: 1,195
Summary: Fiddleford has survived his glimpse into the world beyond the portal, and is ready to forget it all, especially after a terrifying encounter.
Notes: Although it takes place before the series timeline, this story (yet again!) requires canon knowledge through episode 2.15, and also relies upon information in Journal 3.

Fiddleford McGucket buttons his coat against the wind and tries to decide how much he wants to forget.
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Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines, Bill Cipher
Words: 3,427
Summary: Cut for spoilers )
Notes: This story (like many of my stories!) assumes canon knowledge through episode 2.15, "The Last Mabelcorn," though familiarity with the entire show, as well as Journal 3, is also helpful.

He rubs his eyes, flexes his fingers, wiggles his toes. He’s still in control. When he reaches for the journal on the bedside table, no demons are pulling his strings.
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Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Stanford Pines, Fiddleford McGucket, Bill Cipher
Words: 1,585
Summary: Cut for spoilers )
Notes: This story takes place pre-series, and requires canon knowledge up through episode 2.15, "The Last Mabelcorn." Familiarity with Journal 3 is also helpful.

...They could be closer than any partnership that he’s ever encountered or even imagined.
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Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Stanford Pines, Bill Cipher
Words: 450
Summary: Cut for minor spoilers )
Notes: Although this ficlet takes place pre-series, it requires canon knowledge through 2.15, "The Last Mabelcorn." Content warning for a bit of gruesome imagery near the beginning (thanks, Bill).

"I’m sure the three of us will have lots of fun together."
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Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Fiddleford McGucket, Stanford Pines
Words: 605
Summary: An image from Stanford’s adventures at sea awakens memories that Fiddleford would rather have left alone.
Notes: This story requires full knowledge of both seasons of Gravity Falls.

He can’t allow himself to remember, not if he wants to survive.
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I've written quite a lot of Gravity Falls fanfic over the past few months. All of those stories are posted on AO3 and linked on Tumblr, but I've neglected to link most of them here on LJ/DW. I intend to start posting them here, one at a time, over the next week or so.

In the meantime, here are a few snippets that I've shared exclusively on Tumblr. All of them contain spoilers for the show.

1. The Author of the Journals faces off against a possessed Dipper (and the Pines family gathers together in the aftermath).

2. Fiddleford McGucket recovers some painful memories.

3. A younger Fiddleford finds out that his closest friend is playing host to a dangerous entity. [Content warning for non-consensual kissing/touching.]
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Last Friday - the day of the Presidential inauguration - I posted on my Facebook, "Take care of yourselves and each other, my friends... whatever that means to you." I am telling my readers here the same thing.
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In case there are any Gravity Falls fans still reading my entries, I posted two ficlets to AO3! Both are work-safe, but contain series spoilers.

Descriptions behind the cut )
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come have a blast!

[I've already seen plenty of prompts for fandoms that I don't know, but that some of my friends do! Also, if you request fic in any of my fandoms - including but not limited to Dollhouse, Magic Ex Libris, X-Men: Evolution, or Gravity Falls - I will definitely consider fulfilling them!]
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Fandom: X-Men: Apocalypse
Characters: Jean Grey, Scott Summers
Summary: After Xavier's School is rebuilt, Jean tries to calm her fellow mutants' bad dreams, until a friend asks an unexpected question.
Words: 620
Notes: This takes place at some point after the movie, and was written as a birthday gift for [ profile] katiaswift.

"You can come in, Scott. At least until somebody kicks you out."
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Fandom: Dollhouse
Characters: Priya Tsetsang, Anthony Ceccoli
Summary: Even though she and Tony have left the Dollhouse behind, Priya can't keep from looking over her shoulder.
Words: 535
Notes: This story assumes canon knowledge through 2.12, "The Hollow Men."

She tells herself that nobody is coming after them – not anymore.
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Fandom: Dollhouse
Characters: Sierra, Nolan Kinnard, Adelle DeWitt, Echo, Topher Brink
Summary: Tonight, her name is Linda, and she's living out a fairy tale with an extraordinary man by her side. Still, she can't help feeling like she shouldn't be here.
Words: 1,613
Notes: Content warning for non-consensual sex (not described on-page), and general creepiness. Requires canon knowledge up through episode 2.04, "Belonging."

"Ready for the ball, Cinderella?"
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Want to write things for other people? Want other people to write things for you?

Go check out the comment ficathon on [ profile] stainofmylove's journal!
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Here is a collection of my Dollhouse ficlets that I hadn't gotten around to linking yet, as appearing on AO3 as far back as last July, and as recently as two days ago.

Also, I'd say I was sorry that it's almost always Victor and Sierra time over here, but I'd be lying.

Title: Clipped Wings
Characters: Sierra, Victor, Joe Hearn
Summary: Sierra and Victor meet for the first time, as far as they know.
Words: 215
Notes: In case it isn't evident in the text, this takes place at some point during the first two or three episodes of the first season.

Title: Careful Connections
Characters: Sierra, Echo, Victor
Summary: Echo is both happy and worried that Sierra and Victor have found each other.
Words: 184
Notes: This was written for [ profile] 12_12_12, and takes place directly after 2.04, "Belonging."

Title: A Long Time Waiting
Characters: Victor, Adelle DeWitt
Summary: Adelle probably can't erase Victor's longing for Sierra, and perhaps she shouldn't try.
Words: 273
Notes: This is a missing scene from 2.04, "Belonging."

Title: Empty Vessels
Characters: Claire Saunders, Victor, Topher Brink
Summary: Victor wakes up from a "treatment," and Claire is reminded of how little the Dolls understand.
Words: 215
Notes: This is a missing scene from 2.11, "Briar Rose."

Title: Not Quite Yourself
Characters: Topher 2.0, Sierra
Summary: "For now, you’re the only Topher this house has, and you have a job to do."
Words: 280
Notes: This is a missing scene from 2.06, "The Left Hand."
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Recently, I reblogged the following post on Tumblr.

Have I done this with various things I've watched and read? Absolutely. However, my most persistent Dollhouse crossover idea was inspired by the recaps of the Fifty Shades series on [ profile] das_sporking, and now I cannot unsee it.

The following passage was the first thing I wrote with this AU in mind, but there will probably be more, if I don't end up regretting my choice to show it to anybody in the first place.

The words relax me instantly, like letting out a breath... )
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Fandom: Dollhouse
Characters: Victor, Sierra, Echo
Summary: Victor is making pictures that scare him, and he doesn't understand why.
Words: 600
Notes: This fic takes place after 2.03, "Belle Chose," and requires canon knowledge up to and including that episode.

The longer he stares at the painting, the more he thinks that he hears a funny noise, a bad noise. Somebody is screaming.
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I wrote five stories for Round 6 of [ profile] hc_bingo, and finished just before 2015 ended.

Title: Took The Stars From My Eyes
Fandom: Steven Universe
Prompt: Rejection
Wordcount: 791
Warnings: None
Summary: Pearl thinks that she can face eternity on Earth if Rose Quartz is with her, but when Rose chooses another way, she has to do the same.

Title: Bedtime Stories
Fandom: Orphan Black
Prompt: Estrangement
Wordcount: 502
Warnings: None
Summary: Felix has told Kira a few stories about the mother who left her, but he also tries to tell the truth when he can.

Title: Blood Moon Waning
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Prompt: Forced to hurt somebody
Wordcount: 595
Warnings: Assumes canon knowledge up through the (disturbing) events of 3.08, "The Puppet Master."
Summary: For Katara, a new ability means a new set of conflicts and questions about the future.

Title: Holding Up This Fortress
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Prompt: Stalkers
Wordcount: 510
Warnings: Graphic threat of violence
Summary: "Where Jessica chooses to spend the night, whether it's in a room with a smashed-in door and walls, or in an expensively reinforced apartment, probably has nothing to do with how safe she'll feel."

Title: Every Dream Begins With You
Fandom: Dollhouse
Prompt: Hallucinations
Wordcount: 535
Warnings: Spoilers for entire series; references to past abuse and murder; disturbing imagery; background reality-questioning and consent issues; non-graphic consensual intimacy
Summary: As the world falls apart around them, Priya and Tony try to hold onto what they know to be real.
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These were both written for the "window sill" challenge on [ profile] comicdrabbles.

Title: Room Enough
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Angie Martinelli/Peggy Carter
Summary: Angie has a favorite place in the home that she shares with Peggy.
Words: 100

Title: Fire In Your Head
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Characters: Jean Grey, Elaine Grey
Summary: At home with her parents, before she learns to control her abilities, Jean hears enough to doubt that a normal life will ever be possible.
Words: 230
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Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Characters: Jean Grey, Wanda Maximoff
Summary: Jean tries to offer Wanda a chance at a different life, and faces the possibility of what her own life could have been.
Words: 300
Notes: This was written for the "self control" challenge on [ profile] comicdrabbles. It takes place after Episode 2.15, "The HeX Factor."

"How much destruction would your parents have put up with before they locked you away, too?"
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Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson
Words: 175
Summary: Sam reminds Steve that Bucky isn't all the way home yet.
Notes: This was written for the "floor" challenge on [ profile] comicdrabbles.

"If a nice soft bed and a bunch of pillows felt weird to us, think about how it all feels to Barnes."


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