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"Self Presentation." Death Note, pre-series, 305 words. For [ profile] dufaux, who requested, "L, Mikami; hair."

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Title: Jealous
Fandom: Death Note
Characters: Misa and L

Misa returns to the skyscraper late, late, late, too late to catch her Light's attention, and after she bought this outfit just for him, too. The only thing that interests him is curling up in bed with his head under a pillow so that she can't even point out to Ryuzaki - who's awake and upright as usual, typing lightning-fast with his un-cuffed hand - how cute her boyfriend looks when he's asleep.

"Good evening, Amane-san."

She bounces up on the balls of her feet and waves at him with both hands. "How's the investigation going?"

"When anything significant changes, you will know."

"Yay!" She lowers her voice, remembering at the last minute. "Yay," she repeats in a whisper. "Do you need anything to help you catch Kira faster? Water? Coffee?" She eyes the empty plate on the nightstand. "Cake?"

Ryuzaki nods at the minifridge in the other corner. "If you wouldn't mind?" She turns just in time to hear him add, "There's enough cheesecake left for two."

Misa looks back over her shoulder and wags a finger at him. "Uh-uh-uh. You know that I have to watch my figure. I do have another shoot tomorrow."

"As you please."

She brings him the cheesecake, and he lets her remove a bottle of water for herself, and she curls up in the chair to sip it. These days, she just likes being to curl up, to stretch, to skip, to move. She almost doesn't care that her Light is missing this; tomorrow she'll cover his face with kisses and make sure he knows that he doesn't have to be jealous of their spending time together without him, it wasn't like they even did any talking. Just his two favorite people in their own corners, comfortable and silent, until she whispers good night to both of them and tries to sleep herself.


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Title: Kill
Fandom: Death Note
Characters: Light and Naomi

As he walks away in one direction, and the Misora woman walks away in the other, Light doesn't quite smile and doesn't quite look back. He could see her eyes clouding over with the final tick of his watch, as the snow fell thicker and faster around them, shutting out the rest of the world.

It was almost a shame that this round had to end when and how it did, but the second that he realized that she'd given him a false name, delivered the almost physical, and all-too-familiar, sensation of control being wrenched from his hands. As they neared the police station, and the rescue that she didn't even realize that she needed, he could feel it slipping again.

When she said that he reminded her of L, he wasn't sure whether he was biting back a glower or a smirk, and now that she's been dealt with, he can acknowledge, if only to himself, that the feeling was not entirely unreciprocated.

He would not stand for that. She may not be a criminal, but she is, or was - this time he does smile - or could still have been, a disruptive force, and surely that's enough to justify removing her from the equation before she singlehandedly destroys all that he's worked for so far. And now that he's done it once, there's no reason why he won't be able to do so again, if necessary.

By the time he's found shelter, for now, the snow has long since covered their footprints completely.


...I'm probably doing it wrong, aren't I?

At any rate:

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Fandoms: X-Men: Evolution/Death Note
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine – in this lifetime or any other.
Rating: Suitable for all ages.
Summary: " It is not possible to unwrite what has been written, but it is possible to turn the page.."
Words: c. 1500
Written for: [ profile] sandoz_iscariot, who asked for Irene Adler and L (although she ended up interacting significantly more with another DN character), with the quote, “Time has the final word.”
Notes: This story begins about twelve or thirteen years before the beginning of Evo, and ends near the end of the third season. There are vague spoilers for Death Note herein, even though that story hasn’t yet begun. It is Irene, after all. Many thanks to [ profile] timesrunning, one of her staunchest fans, for handholding.

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"Divergence." Death Note, c. 300 words. L (tiiiiiiny bit of one-sided L/Light), set before or at the beginning of Episode 25.

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I am still in the stages of new-fandom joy in which everything is secretly a Gratuitous Reference, almost everything I read and watch is a potential crossover, and I crouch on my chair to eat my cake even though the other people in the room have never seen the series.

It is also the stage in which I actually think that I'll have the time to write all the fic in my head. Currently bouncing around in there (even aside from the Reincarnation Collaboration Sensation that my friends and I have been plotting):

- tragic sweet Sayu/Misa, because it would be so adorable and so sane
- Wammy's House fic, because it is, among other things, a school! for! the! gifted! and because while I totally see where the Matt/Mello shippers are coming from, I would much rather write about the epic bromance that I am equally convinced that they had
- and a possible crossover with Runaways, because I think that L would be rather interested if he got wind of The Pride's shenanigans.

In the meantime, have a tiny ficlet before I run off to do schoolwork.

“Monsters in the House.” Death Note, 310 words. Sayu, Sachiko, Light. Pre-series, no spoilers.

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Jan. 9th, 2009 09:56 am
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This is me, darkening the doorstep of LJ after a rather embarrassing writerly flake-out and its aftermath. While I attempt to write Other Things, have a ficlet from one of my latest shiny fandoms.

Keep in mind that I am UNSPOILED past episode 23. I hope that this will change very soon.

"Casualties." Death Note, 315 words. Chief Yagami, L, mentions of others, set around Episode 8. At least one small spoiler.

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