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I wrote five stories for Round 6 of [ profile] hc_bingo, and finished just before 2015 ended.

Title: Took The Stars From My Eyes
Fandom: Steven Universe
Prompt: Rejection
Wordcount: 791
Warnings: None
Summary: Pearl thinks that she can face eternity on Earth if Rose Quartz is with her, but when Rose chooses another way, she has to do the same.

Title: Bedtime Stories
Fandom: Orphan Black
Prompt: Estrangement
Wordcount: 502
Warnings: None
Summary: Felix has told Kira a few stories about the mother who left her, but he also tries to tell the truth when he can.

Title: Blood Moon Waning
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Prompt: Forced to hurt somebody
Wordcount: 595
Warnings: Assumes canon knowledge up through the (disturbing) events of 3.08, "The Puppet Master."
Summary: For Katara, a new ability means a new set of conflicts and questions about the future.

Title: Holding Up This Fortress
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Prompt: Stalkers
Wordcount: 510
Warnings: Graphic threat of violence
Summary: "Where Jessica chooses to spend the night, whether it's in a room with a smashed-in door and walls, or in an expensively reinforced apartment, probably has nothing to do with how safe she'll feel."

Title: Every Dream Begins With You
Fandom: Dollhouse
Prompt: Hallucinations
Wordcount: 535
Warnings: Spoilers for entire series; references to past abuse and murder; disturbing imagery; background reality-questioning and consent issues; non-graphic consensual intimacy
Summary: As the world falls apart around them, Priya and Tony try to hold onto what they know to be real.


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